Nevalyashka dolls are a traditional Russian toy that have been enjoyed for centuries. They are characterized by their round head and plump, exaggerated features, and typically depict a young child or baby. Nevalyashka dolls are often made from wood, but can also be found in other materials such as cloth, plastic, and even ceramic. They are typically decorated with bright colors and patterns, and sometimes have painted faces and features. Historically, Nevalyashka dolls were used as playthings for children, but they have also been incorporated into folk traditions and rituals as symbols of fertility and good luck. Today, Nevalyashka dolls are still popular in Russia and are sought after by collectors of folk art and traditional toys. They are appreciated for their whimsical and playful appearance, as well as for their connection to the cultural heritage of Russia.

In this series, I used the dolls as they are and transformed them into clay. In other versions, I turned the round belly and hands into heads, added the bodies of other dolls, and created new life