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The Blue Series

Each doll is a unique work of art, handcrafted with care and attention to detail. Featuring a monochromatic blue and white color scheme with delicate gold accents, these dolls create a peaceful and serene ambiance wherever they are displayed. Inspired by nature, folklore, and my own imagination, each doll in this series tells a unique story through its motifs. Some dolls from this series have been showcased in exhibitions at prestigious art museums, such as the Art Biennale of the Land of Israel Museum and the Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.

Teacup Ladies

My beloved and delicate “teacup ladies” were born from a simple idea, almost childish in its thought of connecting old and romantic plaster dolls, which I bought years ago, with stylish classic teacups. The cups became magnificent dresses and the dolls, dancers in a refined dance. Today, these dolls are made entirely of ceramic casting, including the cups, the hand-painting, and the attention to detail. Sometimes, they give the impression that they are real ready-made cups, but they are not. The touches of real gold seal the dance with all the magic it deserves. This is a special item on which I invest a long work process, and the reactions to it are always exciting and happy. Thank you.


I embody my great love for dolls from childhood by creating ceramic dolls. I use old dolls that are no longer produced from different materials and from different parts of the world as inspiration for my hand-painted creations. I make them in small series by duplicating the basic shape of the original dolls with the help of ceramic molds, which opens up a wide world of options and creativity. Some of the dolls are made up of several different parts in addition to my sculpture. Please pay attention to the sizes of the dolls before ordering. I can guarantee that they will make a happy addition to any corner you choose.

Hanging Plates

One of my great hobbies is collecting old plates. There is something great about this little everyday item that comes in so many shapes and styles. The use of these plates as a basis for works of art is particularly gratifying. Plates become my canvas, and the small ceramic dolls and other figures that I make by hand, based on old dolls that are not produced today, are glued to the appropriate plate, creating a new little world. The plates are partly vintage plates, and there are also new plates to which I add nostalgic touches with the help of painting or special ceramic stickers. The old plates have passed through some things before they reached me, and on some of them, you can see signs of time, which I really like for their charm. If this is not your thing, look for another plate that suits you ♥️.


My collection of small ceramic pendants, which are carefully crafted with the same style and care as my figurines. I take pride in creating each pendant with meticulous attention to detail and care, ensuring that every piece is a one-of-a-kind creation. Sold on a chain, these pendants are the perfect way to add a touch of playfulness and art to any outfit.

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My collection of unique ceramic pieces, each crafted with love and care. Small ceramic pendants, elegant teacup ladies, vintage-inspired dolls, hanging plates, and intricate blue and white designs. My vintage doll collection includes modern versions of classics such as Sun Rubber, Nevalyashka, Kewpie, and Clonette and more. . Please note that the selection in my store changes from time to time, depending on what I create. I invite you to visit frequently or stay connected on social media to stay up-to-date.

Shipping Policy

Once you have placed an order, I will process the order and ship it to you as soon as possible. Shipping times may vary based on your location, but typically take 5-14 business days. I am not responsible for any delays in shipping that are outside of my control. Please track your package.


Are the pieces you make handmade? Yes, all of the pieces on my website are handmade . Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, making them the perfect addition to any collection.

Do you ship internationally? Yes, we offer international shipping to various countries around the world. The delivery time will vary depending on the destination, but typically takes 5-14 business days.


My work embodies my love of dolls and figurines, with which I’ve surrounded myself from a young age. My collection includes many dolls from different periods, styles and materials. Some of these are the basis for my work. I use them as models by replicating them, using plaster casts. 

New Items Are Available When Ready.

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Deliveries within Israel

Deliveries within Israel are made by a recognized and reliable courier company to the customer’s home. The delivery company contacts the customer when picking up the order from the studio and provides delivery details in written messages. Please make sure that you receive a message no later than 5 business days after placing the order. The item will be delivered manually only to the customer or someone on their behalf, so please be available and attentive to this communication. If the orderer fails to pick up the package after 2 delivery attempts for any reason, the package will be returned to me at the studio, and additional delivery will be at the orderer’s expense. I wish that everything arrives safely at its intended place and pleases generations.

For any questions or inquiries, I am available via messages or on WhatsApp at 050-5437628.

משלוחים בתוך ישראל

המשלוחים מבוצעים על ידי חברת שליחויות מוכרת ואמינה עד לבית הלקוח, ומחוייבים בתשלום. חברת השילוח יוצרת קשר עם הלקוח בעת איסוף ההזמנה מהסטודיו ומעדכנת בפרטי המסירה בהודעות כתובות. וודאו כי אכן קבלתם הודעה לא יאוחר מ-5 ימי עסקים לאחר ההזמנה. הפריט ימסר ידנית בלבד למזמין או מי מטעמו, לכן תהיו זמינים וקשובים לתקשורת זו. חבילה שלא תאסף על ידי המזמין לאחר 2 נסיונות מסירה מכל סיבה שהיא תוחזר אלי לסטודיו ומשלוח נוסף יהיה על חשבון המזמין . בברכת שהכל יגיע בשלום למקום המיועד כדי לשמח לדורות, פוגי

לכל‭ ‬עניין‭ ‬ושאלה‭ ‬אני‭ ‬זמינה‭ ‬בהודעות‭ ‬ובוואטסאפ  050-5437628

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