Hanging plate -1 small

Hanging plates is another great passion of mine. The connections between the ceramic dolls and plates that I collect are almost obsessive, but it’s a source of great satisfaction. Food plates, in their own right, tell a story through their function, and when the handmade characters join in, the story becomes even more interesting. Some of the plates are vintage, with visible signs of wear that I find beautiful. Others are less old or even completely new, but if the plate is interesting and suitable, it can be a great canvas for my work.
The figures I make by hand are crafted from clay and securely glued onto the plate with a special adhesive. The plates are ready to hang with a hook attached to the back. Some of the plates are hand-drawn and decorated by me, and some feature a combination of two plates.
It’s important to pay attention to the diameter of the plate. This particular plate is an appetizer plate, with a diameter of about 20-21 cm / 8-8.5 inches.


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Handmade ceramic doll, on an handmade plate . Ready to hang with a neat rack in the back.


This plate is small in size – about 14 cm/ 5.5 inches

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